I am very happy to see your interest on my commissioned artwork, so thank you before hand!

Please read everything until the end.

Thank you.

The process is pretty simple!


1. Send me your commission order.

2. I will send you a confirmation e-mail that I have received your order.

3. I will put your commission on my commissions queue.

4. When I get to your commission’s turn, I will send you an email to make the full payment so I can  start your commission.

5. It will take me some time to finish the commission, so please be patient.

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Personal Commissions - General info / Terms and conditions

General information

  • All commissions are digital files.  Usually PSD and JPEG.
  • All commission are made in my style. I don’t imitate other styles for personal commissions, only for commercial artwork.
  • Please download and Save your delivered files on time, I usually delete them over time.
  • Commissions are for your personal use only! So the prices here in this page are for personal use only as well. The prices for commercial use are totally different. If you are interested on a commission for commercial use please send me an email to: diego@dimorali.com
  • References: The references given should be abundant and super clear, and should be accompanied by a clear and precise description.
  • I have the right to accept or decline a commission request.


  • Commissions are made for personal use.
  • I retain the copyrights for the image. If you are interested on a commission with the copyrights included, that’s a commercial work, and the prices are different, so you can send me an email at diego@dimorali.com and we can talk about that work , no problem!
  • You can use it for everything that is for your personal use: as a gift, banners, prints , cards, tshirts, etc. As long as you dont sell them.
  • I may upload it to any of my networks, gallery and portfolio
  • I may use the image to promote me or in artbooks.
  • I may record videos (speedpaintings) and upload them.
  • Please Do not modify, edit, copy or trace my artwork without my permission.
  • Do not remove my signature or watermark.
  • DO NOT USE THE IMAGE COMMERCIALLY: Dont sell or advertise any product based on the commissioned illustration.

What can I draw or design for you? / What I won´t design or draw?

I will draw

  • Portraits of OCs, People, Characters, animals, creatures, almost anything!
  • I can design a character for you!
  • I can Illustrate your character.
  • I can make a comic for you, if you need prices for comics you’ll need to send me all the project info here: diego@dimorali.com
  • I can design stickers, pins or other illustrated products. (I only make the art files)
  • I can draw or paint SFW art, like nudes but not heavy sexual artwork.
  • If you have more questions please send me an email: diego@dimorali.com

I will not draw


  • Porn.
  • Gore or violence.
  • Anything that promotes racism.
  • Anything that promotes hate.
  • I have the right to reject a commission request.

Payment process and method

  • Payment method via Paypal.
  • All prices are in US Dollars ($USD)
  • I will start your commission when I receive full payment.
  • I will do the commission according to the payment order. Whoever pays first will be on top of my commission list.
  • Payment must be made in 48 hours maximum. If that period of time is not met, i will have to move on with other commissions.
  • Making the payment and starting the commission work means that you have read, understood and agreed to all the terms.

Character Full body

Character Half-body

Character Portrait Size


Let’s work together! Place your order!

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